Free PC games: GOG gives away a well-known post apocalyptic FPS

Free PC games: GOG gives away a well-known post apocalyptic FPS
The winter holiday period is always an excellent opportunity to flesh out your video game libraries. This is thanks to a whole series of offers and promotions offered by the various gaming companies and digital stores. together with the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft, even GOG has already given away a whole series of free games in this period, and just today a new one has been released.

After having given away some free games including: The Witcher Enhanced Edition, Prison Architect and Brigador: Up Armored, the GOG digital store offers Metro last Light Redux for a limited time. The revised and technically improved version of the second chapter of the Metro videogame saga will be redeemable at no cost starting today, December 30, and will be redeemable for the duration of the next 48.

In the sequel to Metro 2033 , you will return to play the role of Artyom inside the Russian metro. We're talking about one of the most addicting first-person shooters of all time: an epic multi-faceted adventure that combines horror, exploration, tactical combat and stealth sections. The redux version also includes all post-launch content. you can redeem Metro Last Light Redux for free on GOG at this address.

With Metro Last Light Redux, yet another title has been added to the free games that have been given away in this last period of the year by videogame companies and various digital stores. What do you think of the gift proposed in these days by the GOG platform? Are you playing one of the many titles that have been given away on PC in recent weeks? Please let us know with a comment in the section below.

If you don't own a gaming PC, you can the entire Metro saga for consoles on Amazon at these addresses: Metro 2033 and Last Light Redux and Metro Exodus.