Kawasaki confirms a potential data leak

Kawasaki confirms a potential data leak
Japan's Kawasaki has officially announced that it has discovered a breach affecting some of its IT systems operating in Japan and Thailand. In addition, accesses to the company's Japanese servers were detected by subjects located in the United States, Indonesia and the Philippines. The security incident is not a recent one, it dates back to the period between 11 June and 8 July 2020, but it was only communicated this week.

Kawasaki: breach and possible data leak

The hypothesis of a data leak cannot be ruled out, although at the moment no evidence seems to have been found to confirm it. The analysis works (about 30,000 terminals subjected to in-depth checks) and restoration of the infrastructure went on for months involving external experts, returning to normal activity only on 30 November 2020. This is the declaration of the group.

As a result of a thorough investigation, the company found that some information from overseas offices may have been exposed to outside parties. At this time the company has found no evidence of data stolen to an external network.

Known mostly thanks to products related to two wheels, Kawasaki operates in many sectors: from the transport industry to the automation industry, up to aviation equipment with the supply of components for military aircraft.

Since Kawasaki handles important sensitive information such as personal and social infrastructure data, security measures are a top priority for the company. >
Source: BleepingComputer