Raspberry Pi, this project combines past and present technologies

Raspberry Pi, this project combines past and present technologies
Reddit user known as GreedyPaint has created a very interesting project based on Raspberry Pi that combines obsolete and modern technologies in a very creative way. In fact, the LimaTek Diskmaster player allows you to play full movies from a floppy disk, with obviously very low quality, using a custom platform based on Raspberry Pi and the x265 codec. Thanks to the use of the well-known Single Board Computer and one of the most efficient codecs currently in circulation, it is possible to store an entire movie film in just 1.37MB.

Credit: GreedyPaint However, some compromises had to be made , given that, for example, Shrek offers a resolution of 120 × 96 pixels and a frame rate of only 4fps. According to GreedyPaint, detecting floppies on Linux was complicated and required writing several lines of code. The Pi continually checks if a floppy has been inserted by looking for the path / dev / sda. If it is detected and there is data in it, it knows that a floppy has been inserted. If not, it clears the / dev / sda path and determines that no floppy is present before double-checking.

When the machine boots up, the user is greeted with a beautiful custom animation that evokes the VHS company logos of the past. The user is prompted to insert a floppy disk, after which a movie will start playing once the media is detected.

Credit: GreedyPaint To find out more about this project and see it in action, we recommend you visit the official thread on Reddit. We also recently told you about another "Christmas" themed experiment that transformed an ornament into a very small fully functional retro console thanks to the use of a Raspberry Pi Zero and the RetroPie software.

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