YouTube: These were the most watched games in 2020

YouTube: These were the most watched games in 2020
While 2020 is slowly but surely drawing to a close, the annual reviews are springing up like mushrooms everywhere. The video platform YouTube is no exception. Their annual report is always very detailed and covers numerous segments - including gaming. There is a very interesting list for exactly that.

According to this, Minecraft was by far the most watched game on YouTube. According to the annual statistics, the sandbox game, which is now over ten years old, had a total of just over 201 billion views. Despite its old age, Minecraft is still very popular and thematically related videos are in great demand. Far behind in second place is Roblox, a game with a similar approach, which however "only" achieved a total of 76 billion views. Third place is occupied by a game that some people may not be completely familiar with. It is the mobile title Garena Free Fire, which some of you may also know under the name Free Fire Battlegrounds. This battle royale game with isolated survival elements achieved 72 billion views on YouTube over the course of this year - and thus more than GTA 5 and the online shooter Fortnite. Here are the top 5 at a glance:

The games with the most views on YouTube in 2020

Minecraft - 201 billion views Roblox - 76 billion views Garena Free Fire - 72 billion views Grand Theft Auto 5 - 70 Billion Views Fortnite - 68 Billion Views Are you surprised by this hit list from YouTube? Did you expect completely different games in the top 5 of 2020? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube