LimaTek Diskmaster: the first Shrek on a floppy

LimaTek Diskmaster: the first Shrek on a floppy
Other than Blu-ray and 4K: the future of home entertainment is the floppy disk. Or so thinks GreedyPaint, a Reddit user with some free time, lots of goodwill and enough technical skills to turn a Raspberry Pi card into a media player powered by their old 1.44MB drives: so LimaTek Diskmaster is born.

A film on the floppy disk: the LimaTek Diskmaster project

To demonstrate how it works, the author has compressed the entire first film of the Shrek saga until it can be slipped into the support , working up to the x265 codec to reach a size of 1.37 MB. The resolution has been reduced to 120 × 96 pixels and the framerate to just 4 fps (four images every second). The result is the one visible in the video below, deliberately shot and edited with a vintage style. There's audio too.

I created a floppy disk VCR that plays full length films (like garbage) with the help of a Pi and a custom x265 codec. I call it the LimaTek Diskmaster from r / raspberry_pi | of VHS as soon as they are fed to the VCR.

An amateur project perhaps an end in itself, but which can certainly be appreciated by those who have had the opportunity to experience the era of discs firsthand. LimaTek Diskmaster is also the umpteenth demonstration of how versatile a Raspberry Pi board is, potentially able to be used in any field, even to create a complete Mini PC as in the case of the all-Italian SOLO ID1 initiative that we have reported some days ago on these pages.

Source: Reddit