Cyberpunk 2077: a mod improves the AI ​​of passersby in Night City

Cyberpunk 2077: a mod improves the AI ​​of passersby in Night City
Since its launch, Cyberpunk 2077 has faced several criticisms related to the general routines of the open world: although, on the whole, Night City is a very detailed and full of life city (especially on PC), more specific aspects such as for example the AI ​​of passers-by in the streets have caused discussion and caused the birth of heated debates on forums such as Reddit, Resetera or the official forum, which at the moment are teeming with suggestions addressed to CD Projekt RED, almost all related to improving the game.

The Steam and GoG versions, fortunately, can count on mods, which intervene where the developers have not yet managed to retouch this or that aspect. A recently released mod, for example, is aimed precisely at improving one of the most debated aspects of CD Projekt's RPG, namely the behavior of pedestrians around the city. This tweak, called Alternate Crowd Behavior, intervenes on the Cyberpunk 2077 .ini file, altering the way in which the passers-by surrounding the protagonist are generated, how they move, how they interact with each other and how they react to unexpected situations.

In particular, the mod ensures that the inhabitants of Night City no longer experience "bizarre" behaviors (or at least limits them a lot, especially in reciprocal interactions), and eliminates the so-called "semicircle" that NPCs did whenever they had to pass over an obstacle, which often meant that crowds did not behave as expected: as a direct consequence, instead of walking linearly on the sidewalks, several passersby tended to disperse and even cross the streets - outside the pedestrian crossings - for no reason.

As mentioned by the authors, however, the problem related to unexpected reactions or the complete disappearance of NPCs if they are frightened has not been completely solved, as it would require more profound changes than a simple edit of the configuration file of the game. In short, the NPCs behave in a better way than before, but until you decide to disturb them! Who knows if CD Projekt will seize the ball and use this mod as a starting point to significantly improve AI? At this link, in the meantime, you can reach the main page of the mod on Nexus Mods and consult the complete list of changes made.

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