Starfield is making Xbox sell more than PlayStation

Starfield is making Xbox sell more than PlayStation

After years of waiting, yesterday we had the official launch of Starfield, a new IP developed by the prestigious Bethesda Game Studio that promises to offer players incredible exploration through space.

Everything indicates that the RPG is a huge success and Phil Spencer himself, head of Xbox, decided to comment on the “huge demand” for Starfield, during an interview with microsoft-gaming-chief-phil-spencer-cites-huge-demand-for-starfield.html" target= "_blank" rel="noopener">CNBC.

Considered one of the biggest releases of 2023, Starfield is also one of the biggest projects ever developed for an Xbox. Carrying Bethesda's name and ambitious scope, it saw Xbox Series X sales grow by 1,056% on Amazon.

Phil Spencer comments that they are currently trying to make Starfield the most accessible game possible for players. He also comments on the game's success on Xbox Series X|S.

“We believe this game will be available to literally hundreds of millions of people on devices that they already have and we're looking to make this game as accessible as possible for players,” Phil Spencer told the CNBC reporter.
“We've had more players for any next-gen exclusive than this generation,” said Phil Spencer referring to the company's current consoles, Xbox Series Valve. He also reminds that many can play and have fun through the Xbox Game Pass service.

Starfield is now available on PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass.