Is Brian M. Bendis the new Justice League writer?

Is Brian M. Bendis the new Justice League writer?
DC is slowly showing what awaits us at the end of the DC Future State event, waiting to formalize the relaunch with the releases scheduled for March which should arrive in the late afternoon tomorrow. Meanwhile, after two years at the reins of Superman and Action Comics and a substantially marginal role in the DC Future State event, the name of Brian M. Bendis returns to the surface.

The veteran writer yesterday showed this picture of David Marquez on his instagram profile:

Immediately the image sparked speculation about the possibility that The Great One will take the reins of Justice League. The line-up of the heroes shown would make us think of this prestigious assignment, however the presence among the silhouettes of Naomi, the heroine created for the Wonder Comics label of which a Season 2 is actually expecting after the first release in 2018.

Is this the case? We will have to wait a few more hours before we have the official confirmation.

We recall that a few days ago the television adaptation of the character by Ava DuVernay for The CW was officially announced.

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Who is Naomi, the heroine created by Brian M. Bendis?

Naomi was one of the first characters created in 2018 by Brian M. Bendis, along with David F. Walker and Jamal Campbell, just arrived in DC for the Wonder Comics line. She starred in a 6-issue miniseries and then appeared in Superman and Young Justice.

The series will be re-launched in January in volume by Panini DC Italia.

At launch, Bendis pointed out that one of the aspects that differentiates Naomi from other DC heroes is the fact that her adventures are set in a small, real town, unlike the fictional big cities of the DC Universe like Metropolis, Gotham, Metropolis, Gotham, Star City or Coast City.

We remind you that a new TV series is also being developed for The CW starring the Brazilian Wonder Girl Yara Flor.

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