Toyota C + pod: the ideal electric supermini for the city

Toyota C + pod: the ideal electric supermini for the city
During these holidays, the carmaker Toyota launched its first electric car for the city, the Toyota C + pod, on the Japanese market. It is an electrified supercompact dedicated to car sharing services, fleets and public entities. Only starting from the year 2022 will the C + pod also be purchased by individuals. However, the automaker has not yet specified whether the new city car will also be available in Europe. As for the price, however, it should be around 1,650,000-1,716,000 yen, equal to about 13,000 euros.

The electric vehicle of the Toyota brand has all the features to make it easier and more efficient daily movements in a very busy urban context such as the Japanese one. Some factors - such as the little need to own a private car, the short distances to be covered and the few parking spaces in the area - in fact, push the population of Japan to leave the four-wheeled car traditions and prefer a small vehicle such as the C + pod.

The zero-emission supermini has a length of 2.49 m, a width of 1.29 m and a height of 1.55 m. It also has a 1.78m wheelbase, a turning radius of just 3.9m and is equipped with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes and is fitted with 155/70 R13 tires.

The Toyota C + pod - weighing only 690 kg, thanks to the material with which the body was made - is equipped with an innovative technology dedicated to safety since there is the Pre-collision Safety System, pedestrian and cyclist recognition (only during the day) and parking sensors with automatic braking when maneuvering. Finally, there is no shortage of front and rear LED headlights.

The 9.06 kWh lithium-ion battery was installed under the floor. Thanks to the permanent magnet synchronous motor, the small Toyota is able to reach a maximum speed of 60 km / h and guarantees a range in WLTP of 150 km. Using a 200 Volt / 16 Ampere column, the super-compact can be recharged in just 5 hours.

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