Hey, Fiat: Alexa gets in the Fiat Nuova 500

Hey, Fiat: Alexa gets in the Fiat Nuova 500
Alexa gets on board the Fiat Nuova 500. In short, a trusted travel companion is ready to sit on board waiting to be able to conquer the roads again as soon as the "red" and "orange" areas can disappear, opening up a truly new year to everyone.

Hey, Fiat

The usefulness of having Alexa in the car is the same as at home: it involves talking to an intelligent voice assistant, without the need to use your hands and being able to keep your eyes constantly on the road. This makes it extremely easy to play music files, for example, by allowing the car to offer their favorite music (or requested information) without the driver having to lose his or her concentration on driving.

Any car can now have Alexa on board: just use a simple tool like Amazon Echo Auto (59.99 euros) and the service is enabled instantly.

On the Fiat Nuova 500 (100% electric), however, the step is further because it is a full integration without any add-on:

The integration, proposed as part of the Uconnect services offered by FCA, is the first available to customers in Italy; during 2021, the implementation of the new models will also cover Austria, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom. [...] The integration of Alexa into the Uconnect suite of services deepens the experience by bringing Alexa directly into the vehicle to offer customers an unforgettable experience.

The only requirement, in short, is the installation of the MyFiat skill, which in fact creates the enabling link between the car and your Amazon account. At this point Alexa can be invoked with a small novelty: it will no longer be called by name, but the magic formula must begin with a "Hey, Fiat" followed by the desired command.