Windows 10X with Modern Standby: Always Connected

Windows 10X with Modern Standby: Always Connected
Debuting next year, Windows 10X will bring with it new features that can define the platform as a sort of optimization compared to what Windows 10 represents today. The operating system will be intended first for laptops (and not for dual screens as initially announced), stripped of some non-essential features and enriched by others: among the new ones there will be Modern Standby.

Modern Standby tra the news of Windows 10X

As you can guess from the name it is an unprecedented standby mode that can download information even when the PC is in the suspension phase. A feature mentioned in a document on the official website and defined as the evolution of what was "Connected Standby in Windows 8.1", which will finally allow to give shape to the Always Connected vision long imagined by Microsoft, replicating a behavior very similar to what can be seen on smartphones today. The user will also be able to wake up the computer instantly at any time: Instant On.

The PC will therefore be able, for example, to receive incoming emails, report updates from social networks and update content of Progressive Web Apps even when in standby, leveraging the WiFi connection and reducing energy consumption to a minimum so as not to weigh on autonomy.

The launch of Windows 10X is expected within the first half of the year, almost certainly in the second quarter from April to June. Among the other expected innovations also the integration of what in the Redmond laboratories is currently identified as Cloud PC, a service intended at least initially only for enterprise users, based on Azure infrastructure and able to run Win32 apps through “Streaming”.

Source: Microsoft