SNK announces a new console coming in 2021, a new Neo Geo?

SNK announces a new console coming in 2021, a new Neo Geo?
SNK has surprisingly announced a new console, apparently arriving in 2021 and yet to be presented by the company of the Neo Geo, but the official tweet communicates the thing very clearly, although still without any details about it.

The image reads "Who is the best player?", while the message inside the tweet reports the news in question: "A new console from SNK is coming in 2021! In a system that meets the needs both for passionate fans and for the most demanding console users! "

Difficult to understand exactly what it can be: put like this, it seems to be a real game console that nevertheless has to do with the classic titles in the catalog SNK Neo Geo. It is not easy to interpret what the company means by "passionate fan" and "console gaming enthusiast", but in the intersection between these types of users apparently lies the secret of the new console.

It is rather difficult that it could be a standard console to be launched on the market: there is no room for the release of a new machine of this type, especially if supported by a rather limited company, at this point, like SNK. The most likely idea is that it is a machine devoted to emulation, in particular of SNK titles, as a sort of mini console which could however have some innovative features.

From this point of view, it stands out the use of the Wi-Fi symbol visible in the tweet image and the reference to the "best player", which could be references to competitive online multiplayer. It could therefore be a console capable of running historical SNK games and making them go online multiplayer through internet connection, but we are waiting to find out more.

Among the recent news on the company, however, to stay on the subject of oddities, it emerged that SNK is now 33% owned by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Some time ago the Neo Geo MVSX was also announced, a real cabinet with 50 SNK games starting at $ 399.

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