Richard Donner responds to Martin Scorsese on cinecomics

Richard Donner responds to Martin Scorsese on cinecomics
Asked by The Telegraph about his career and future projects (which also involve a new chapter of the legendary Lethal Weapon franchise) Richard Donner wanted to have his say on cinecomics, the film genre king of recent years, and especially the one that in 1978 has he himself helped create with the legendary Superman played by Marlon Brando, Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman.

The director teased on the subject has his say on the incredible popularity achieved by the genre by answering directly to the illustrious colleague Martin Scorsese who, a few months ago, also expressed himself on cinecomics in a way that was anything but flattering.

Richard Donner vs Martin Scorsese on cinecomics

A few months ago Martin Scorsese had expressed himself quite categorically on the goodness of cinecomics and in particular of those that belong to the Marvel Cinematic Universe saying that:

I have never seen them to, but I tried. It is not cinema. Honestly I think the closest thing, even in relation to the performances of the actors, is an amusement park show. They are not cinema because they pay no attention to transmitting emotions or psychological experiences to another human being.

Richard Donner seems to feel called into question and in the recent interview he replies:

Well I'd love to take a ride in that amusement park! The problem in the film industry is that sometimes the technical possibilities take over and are distorted. At the same time, however, if you dig deeper you will find that some of those stories hide an incredible beating heart.

The director then clarifies by specifying how he appreciated less those more sunny and less dark cinecomics, labeling them as far from "his standards" and capable of not entertaining much. : Superman - the essential comics

Richard Donner

Born in the Bronx in 1930, Richard Donner directed the horror The Omen in 1976 with Gregory Peck. In 1978 he was called to direct Superman working in part also on the sequel Superman II. In 1985 he signed with Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus, the cult The Goonies and later another cult Ladyhawke. In 1987 he produced Lost Boys of the newcomer Joel Schumacher.

Also in 1987 he signed Lethal Weapon, with Danny Glover and Mel Gibson, written by Shane Black, then signing the sequel in 1989 and the third chapter in 1992 up to a fourth chapter released in 1998. In 1994 he directed Maverick and in 1995 he directed Assassins. In 1997, on the other hand, it is a Plot Hypothesis. His latest film is from 2006 and is titled Only 2 Hours starring Bruce Willis.

Also in 2006 he wrote, in tandem with Geoff Johns, the historic Superman magazine Action Comics.

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