Fortnite: mods for weapons as in Call of Duty Warzone are coming?

Fortnite: mods for weapons as in Call of Duty Warzone are coming?
Fortnite has turned out to be a real videogame phenomenon during these years. Epic Games' free-to-play battle royale has been consistently worked as a ceramic pot with constant updates that significantly improved gameplay. To date, the title is one of the most played in circulation, but it must be said that in the last period the development team has not proposed substantial updates. In this period of time we have been able to see, for example, important collaborations with Marvel, Microsoft and Sony, legal battles with Apple and so on and so forth but it seems that in recent weeks there have been no substantial changes.

For those who are passionate about Fortnite, reading this news, could rejoice as some dataminer have discovered some really important news. According to a tweet, which we will post right below, the battle royale is ready to welcome weapon mods. The file found, called "Weapon Mod Slots", suggests the arrival of accessories dedicated to weapons.

We might get a new weapons mechanic at some point, epic started testing a new thing called "Weapon Mod Slots "lately and it seems like it gives the weapon abilities / attachements.

- HYPEX (@HYPEX) December 27, 2020

A bit like it happens in Call of Duty Warzone, players will be able to modify their weapons through the addition of special slots. This novelty could drastically change the gameplay making it more complex and satisfying. Unfortunately, the dataminer did not provide additional information and, since it is always a leak, we invite you as usual to take everything with the necessary pliers. It remains absolutely plausible that in March 2021, with the arrival of the next season, important news will be added and one of these could be weapon mods. In short, we will have to wait and see if Epic Games will formalize everything.

What do you think of this news? Do you think it's a good addition that can drastically change the gameplay? Let us know in the comments below in the dedicated section. As always, we invite you to stay tuned to our pages for all the news regarding Fortnite and its future updates.

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