Spider-man will be wearing a new costume in March

Spider-man will be wearing a new costume in March
Late yesterday, Marvel revealed the new costume Peter Parker will wear as Spider-man starting with Amazing Spider-Man # 62 expected in March in the US and Amazing Spider-Man # 63 expected in April in the US. br>

The new costume

Following the tragic conclusion of the Sin's Rising story arc, Peter Parker will be forced to abandon his classic costume for a new and hitherto kept secret that will allow him to face Kingpin !

The new costume, which obviously recalls that of its videogame counterpart, was created by the designer Dustin Weaver.

Here it is:

For the moment, the characteristics of this new “brilliant” costume have not been revealed. Meanwhile, the countdown of readers has already started for the return of the classic costume in the best tradition of comics!

These are the words of Weaver:

The new costume was born from a collaboration between me, Nick Spencer [current writer of the series - Ed.] and editor Nick Lowe. I had proposed some really weird technological improvements and they suggested how to incorporate them into the costume which in the end, I think, is futuristic but also classic. I can't wait for Patrick Gleason [the current designer of the series - Ed.] To draw it!

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Also starting a new series

It will start in a few days, always in the United States, Non-Stop Spider-Man, a new regular series that Marvel was supposed to publish in the United States in June but postponed due to the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.

The series is written by veteran Joe Kelly and drawn by Chris Bachalo. The two collaborated together on Uncanny X-Men in 1998 and the creator-owned Steampunk series released for DC / Wildstorm. Curiously, the two have already worked separately on Spider-man only to then reunite right on the head of the Arrampicamuri in 2008 in the height of the "Brand New Day" era.

Here's how writer Joe Kelly described the series:

For me, Non-Stop Spider-Man is the best a Marvel comic can offer: wild action , engaging story, great art, relevant themes and the unique voice of one of my favorite characters: Spider-man. Chris and I want to get your adrenaline pumping and hit you in the heart but we will also make you smile. Fasten your seat belts, I don't see them that the first issue is available!

The designer Chris Bachalo instead commented on his return to Spider-man as follows:

I was asked what I wanted to draw, and I said I wanted to do something frenetic and full of action. Non-Stop Spider-Man is exactly this a breathtaking race from the very first pages… and you will want more!

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