New motorway toll: higher rates for more polluting cars

New motorway toll: higher rates for more polluting cars
It could be good news for all owners of zero or low emission cars, but it will certainly not be the case for those who own a car with a diesel or gasoline engine, therefore more polluting. In fact, the European Commission has approved the new legislation to regulate the motorway toll, which will be different based on the level of CO2 emissions of cars.

Therefore, by 2022, the motorway toll could go meeting this new change. Each Member State will decide whether to apply a higher tax to the most polluting vehicles and, consequently, to "reward" zero-emission or less polluting cars with some discounts. The proposal of this type of mechanism inherent in the new worst for those traveling on motorways - by Brussels - was initially intended exclusively for heavy vehicles. In fact, two years ago a reform was approved by the European Parliament - as an evolution of the Eurovignette system - which affected trucks and buses.

The legislation approved by the European Union will therefore allow each State to decide to adopt the standard according to your needs. However, it is necessary for each state to respect certain limits imposed. An example could be the subscription with an annual motorway vignette for a vehicle with a maximum of 3 axles, which may have a maximum cost of 1,899 euros per year if it falls within the range with the highest level of pollution. Instead, zero-emission cars will pay no more than 855 euros.

With the approved text, there will therefore be the possibility of reducing the cost of the toll for all those less polluting vehicles, with a "discount" that can reach up to 75% for 100% electric cars. Each member state will have until 2022 to bring the new provision into force. From this point of view, Italy will face a considerable problem since there are still many highly polluting cars - therefore not zero or low emissions - circulating on the motorways.

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