Lottery of receipts, postponement in the milleproroghe

Lottery of receipts, postponement in the milleproroghe
The Receipt Lottery, which was supposed to start on January 1, 2021, could be postponed by 1 month. The intervention is foreseen within the so-called “Milleproroghe” at the end of the year, a great classic that at the end of the year puts in order interventions and deadlines in view of the year that is about to begin.

Lottery Receipts: See you in February, perhaps

According to the text, the Receipt Lottery could start on February 1st, while the possibility to report non-aligned merchants would start from March 1st. However, it should be noted that this extension could theoretically be the last, given that an intervention by the Revenue Agency on the eve of Christmas gave merchants time until 31 March for the final adjustment with the electronic cash registers. Reads the press release issued by the Inland Revenue:

There is time until April 1 to adapt to the new electronic route for sending the data of the daily payments (version 7.0 of June 2020). Until that date it will be possible to transmit data through the previous version (6.0). This is established by the provision of the director of the Revenue Agency signed today, which postpones the effective date of the most recent route by three months, taking into account the difficulties linked to the current emergency situation reported by the trade associations.

There will therefore be more time to adapt telematic recorders. Consequently, the terms within which manufacturers can declare compliance with the technical specifications of a model already approved by the Agency are also extended to March 31, 2021.

This intervention was loudly requested by Confesercenti due to complex costs and times for the adaptation (both hardware and software). The Government has therefore foreseen the postponement of the Lottery, so that everyone can catch up and there is the possibility of a more incisive start of the measure within a couple of months.

Source: Agenzia delle Entrate