TeamGroup increasingly committed to the production of DDR5 memory

TeamGroup increasingly committed to the production of DDR5 memory
Through a press release, the well-known manufacturer TeamGroup announced that it is interested in the creation of next generation DDR5 SO-DIMMs. Already a month ago we reported that the company had started the validation phase of its DDR5 memories with some of the largest motherboard manufacturers in the industry, including ASUS, MSI, ASRock and Gigabyte, and planned to distribute the first modules equipped with a capacity of 16GB, a supply voltage of 1.1V and a frequency of 4.800Mhz.

Earlier this year, TeamGroup took it a step further, paying attention to the needs not only of desktop users, but also notebook and mini PC users, making its first DDR5 SO-DIMM memory and should be the first company to undergo validation tests for new Intel and AMD platforms.

Initial specifications of the DDR5 SO-DIMMs are similar to those of the DIMM version. A single module has a capacity of 16GB and a frequency of 4,800MHz, and both run on a voltage of 1.1V. This last feature, in particular, will be useful for increasing the autonomy of all notebooks and mobile devices, as it can significantly reduce energy consumption and increase the time in stand-by. In addition, DDR5 SO-DIMMs also support on-die ECC, a feature that automatically corrects single-bit errors, greatly improving system stability.

TeamGroup stressed that it will continue to work closely together with motherboard manufacturers to achieve higher specifications. The company hopes to provide consumers with a wide choice and optimal compatibility right from the start from launch day.

TeamGroup also produces the spectacular T-Force drives with ARGB lighting, which you can buy on Amazon at an attractive price.