BitGrail: the press release, the FF post

BitGrail: the press release, the FF post
It is called "the largest cyber-financial attack in Italy", a € 120 million cyber fraud carried out through a cryptocurrency exchange. In the press release from the authorities, responsibility is attributed to F. F., 34 years old from the province of Florence and sole director of the company, now the subject of a precautionary measure with "prohibition to carry out business activities and to hold executive offices of companies". The investigators of the Postal Police of Florence and of the Financial Cybercrime Section of the Central Service of the Postal Police in Rome with the help of the personnel of the Guardia di Finanza of the Judicial Police Section of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Florence.

The case of the BitGrail exchange, new chapter

The platform is BitGrail and the person concerned has been identified as Francesco Firano, who from his social profiles denies part of what is written by the local press, aiming to in turn, the finger against the Postal Police for the ways in which the news was spread and reported.

In short, the accusation of having stolen virtual currency Nano hangs on his head (XRB) for a value quantified in 120 mil ions of euro by leveraging a bug in the protocol used to manage transactions. The statement of the Postal Police mentions 230,000 people scammed around the world. We have already dealt with the matter on these pages in January 2019.

The last message reported on the homepage of the official BitGrail website is the one entitled "Notice to creditors" dated 7 December 2020 and referring to a hearing of 10 December, signed by the “Bankruptcy Trustees”.

Egr. Creditors, the hearing on 10 December next year for the verification of the passive status of the Bankruptcy BG Services s.r.l. will take place in Room 11, floor 0, of the Court of Florence, starting at 9:15 am. Creditors and lawyers who intend to participate in person are requested to notify the trustees for organizational reasons. Lawyers who request it (with any tool, PEC, email, telephone) will also be able to participate in the hearing through the Teams application. We remain available for clarification.

The FAQ section is also online (updated to June 2020) with questions and answers regarding the bankruptcy procedure.

Source: Polizia Postale