Super Cashback at the start: what it is and how it works

Super Cashback at the start: what it is and how it works
With the second phase of the State Cashback, the Super Cashback also debuts. The umpteenth confirmation comes directly from the IO application: those who have joined the initiative in the Portfolio section now find the item "Your position" next to "Your transactions". From there it will be possible to check whether the number of electronic payments made in the shops is sufficient or not to receive the extra 1,500 euros provided for the first 100,000 classified.

Super Cashback: the ranking in the IO app

To view the ranking, as well as to obtain the Cashback, it is necessary to make at least 50 valid transactions by the end of the useful period. They are on average just over eight purchases every month.

Pressing on “Your position” a message appears which explains quite clearly how Super Cashback works. We report it below.

The ranking is based on the number of transactions performed with the payment methods on which you have activated Cashback. At this moment all the participants are in the same position. As soon as we receive the transactions made the first days of this year, your ranking will be shown. Once published, the ranking will continue to change depending on the number of transactions of all participants, until the end of the six months.

We remind you that the phases foreseen for the State Cashback are in total four: the first lasted only a few weeks and ended on December 31st (Christmas Extra Cashback), the second started on January 1, 2021 and will close on June 30, 2021, while the third and fourth will be staged in the next two semesters respectively. For each of these, the Super Cashback of 1,500 euros will be awarded to the first 100,000 classified in addition to the amount accrued with a 10% refund on the expenditure made in the shop (up to a maximum of 150 euros).