PS5, Team Ninja looks to DualSense: between new projects and Nioh 3

PS5, Team Ninja looks to DualSense: between new projects and Nioh 3
Currently, Team Ninja's production efforts are focused on bringing the new The Nioh Collection to market, but the top management of the software house already seems to be looking to the future.

After recently confirming Nioh Remastered's support for DualSense , the team shared with the public some considerations related to what will be the next objectives of the study. Interviewed by Daily Bits, the Director of Nioh 2, Fumihiko Yasuda offered some statements regarding Team Ninja's interest in the PlayStation 5 controller. "We have considered many different ideas on how to support these features in Nioh 2. - said the Director - For a very intense action game, using too much haptic feedback could have distracted the player from the experience and reduced the appreciation of the title. As a result, we have implemented only some of the more viable ideas into the game. ".

However, Team Ninja is extremely interested in the new pad:" I would like to try to make a game that uses full PS5 haptic feedback in the future. - Yasuda pointed out - It would come out a title that could not have been made for the previous generation of hardware. At the moment, the plan is to move the Nioh team to new projects after the release of the Nioh 2 Complete Edition. To make sure future titles, including a possible Nioh 3, are games that all our fans can enjoy and look forward to, we are working hard on Nioh 2 Complet. e Edition ".

In short, whatever the nature of the next Team Ninja game, it seems that the software house will continue to pay attention to Sony hardware.

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