No Man's Sky: this is what an alien underwater megacity looks like

No Man's Sky: this is what an alien underwater megacity looks like
The No Man's Sky fan known on social media as Chongsparks receives the acclaim of the Hello Games sci-fi sandbox community for having dedicated, in the last 18 months, to the development of a gigantic underwater city.

After a year and a half of commitment to this gigantic project, the No Man's Sky enthusiast opened his "Thermal Underwater Research Development" to the public and invited all the explorers of the procedural galaxy created by Sean Murray to visit it, sharing the sequence online of glyphs to be entered as coordinates in the Portal to teleport to the planetary system that hosts this underwater structure.

To realize its vision of an industrial and cyberpunk city, Chongsparks had to arm itself with patience and manage resources wisely at his disposal in the construction of the bases of No Man's Sky.

The user then used a series of cheats to overcome the "digital thermometer" that determines the maximum number of objects that can be used to build alien bases. For this reason, those who visit its underwater megalopolis will not be able to admire it in its entirety: the shots shared by the NMS fan still offer us a small taste of the exceptional work done.

Take a look at the images you find in the tweet at the bottom of the news and tell us what you think of this project. In the meantime, we remind you that in the past few weeks Sean Murray has promised that there will be much more coming to No Man's Sky in 2021.