Cyberpunk 2077: multiplayer will be much more than a mode

Cyberpunk 2077: multiplayer will be much more than a mode
Cyberpunk 2077, expected on 10 December 2020, is now in the pipeline. CD Projekt RED wanted to clarify one of the pivotal aspects of the product, that is the multiplayer mode so far wrapped in a veil of mystery. To speak on the discussion, during a company briefing, was the executive Adam Kicinski declaring that it is not right to label the multiplayer sector only as a "mode" for Cyberpunk.

Indeed, it would seem that the proportions of this sector will be truly disproportionate, to the point of considering it as a production in its own right. To think so is Kicinski himself who declared: “First of all, let's not call it mode” - he continued - “It's a separate dedicated production, a great production. We think of it as an autonomous product “, he concluded. His words show a certain conviction about it, so a vibrant multiplayer adventure awaits us in the company of our friends on the streets of Night City.

Further updates will arrive in the first quarter of 2021, but we already know that the multiplayer of the new CD Projekt RED title will have microtransactions. Don't be alarmed, though, because it seems the development team wants to offer users content that is fair to the value invested. The conditions for a great adventure are all there and we expect the same treatment for multiplayer.

The new futuristic-themed RPG will be characterized by a respectable longevity as regards the single-player (we talked about it in this news). Will CD Projekt RED be able to guarantee many hours of fun even in the company of our friends? It would seem so, given that the multiplayer team is separate from the team building of the single player game.

Are you ready to dive into the bright streets of Night City, or wait to play the next-gen version of the title. ? Let us know in the comments!

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