VW Touareg, the first SUV that can be parked with a smartphone

VW Touareg, the first SUV that can be parked with a smartphone
Driving a VW Touareg continues to be easier and easier, as the German carmaker's SUV became the first model to have a remotely manageable parking system. Indeed, Volkswagen has made some changes to the Park Assistant, further optimizing this technology.

The new parking control system - which uses four cameras and twelve ultrasonic sensors - which the Touareg is equipped with, it can be managed remotely simply using the smartphone. Therefore, the driver will be able to maneuver the vehicle, to enter and exit the parking areas, both from inside and outside the passenger compartment.

Two parking modes

It will not be therefore it is necessary to intervene on the accelerator or on the brake to carry out the parking maneuver of the SUV, but everything will be done independently by the Volkswagen Touareg SUV. Therefore, there are two parking methods.

The driver can in fact decide to remain seated inside the car, starting the search for a parking space by clicking on the "P" field that appears on the display dedicated to the system of infotainment. By doing this, the vehicle will detect the most suitable parking areas, showing them on the screen.

Once this is done, the driver will choose the parking space by selecting it directly from the monitor on which the option “Press the brake and hold pressed the button or select Park Assist with remote control ”and at the same time it will also be visible on the Touareg Digital Cockpit. The parking maneuver will begin when the driver keeps pressed - continuously - the "Drive" button under the gear knob.

The second option that can be chosen implies that the driver must follow the maneuver outside the vehicle, but only after having performed the steps mentioned above. Subsequently, the driver must use the smartphone and use the "VW Remote Park Assist Plus" app.

Well, the VW Touareg can be parked by pressing the "Drive" button continuously and, when you decide to stop the vehicle, just lift your finger from the smartphone. Obviously, the SUV can also be maneuvered in the same way to exit the parking lot using your device.

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