Minecraft: recreated Shiganshina from the Attack of the Giants in 1: 1 scale

Minecraft: recreated Shiganshina from the Attack of the Giants in 1: 1 scale
The Minecraft community never ceases to surprise, even more than 10 years after the cube sandbox was launched, fans occasionally come out with incredible creations. Over time we have not only witnessed virtual recreations of architectures, or entire cities, that really exist, but as in the recent case, sometimes the creativity of enthusiasts leads to the creation of something that has been seen inside an anime.

This is precisely the case of a group of Minecraft players who have come together and over time built the Attack on Titan district of Shiganshina. To make this fantastic team work public, it was Reddit user "FoxicalOW", who shared the incredible detailed creation on the social network. While the Shiganshina district has been recreated in 1: 1 scale, the group has gone to modify some aspect ratios to make it more optimized within the title.

I built Attack on Titan's Shiganshina 1: 1 in Minecraft from Minecraft | Quests |
The players who built the district doubled the size of the wall from 50 to 100 blocks, so that the houses could be eight blocks taller. Unfortunately this wonderful map is not yet available for download, but FoxicalOW wanted to confirm that it will be loading it soon in Minecraft Java version on PC, so it's just a matter of waiting before setting foot in the Shiganshina recreation.

Incredible how, even after so many years, Minecraft is one of the cornerstones regarding the creation of such projects. An immense title that will never cease to surprise us, whose only limit is truly human ingenuity. What do you think of this fantastic recreation of the Attack of the Giants in the Shiganshina district? What else would you like to see recreated in Minecraft?

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