macOS Big Sur is available for download

macOS Big Sur is available for download
Announced at the end of June at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2020, the new macOS Big Sur operating system is now available for download for anyone with a compatible Mac computer. Apple has kicked off the release phase of the update after a few months of testing preview versions.

Big Sur day: the new macOS is being downloaded

What users will notice immediately after completing the installation process is the restyling of the interface: now the style recalls that of iOS quite explicitly. Changes have been made to some of the most important elements of the UI (screenshots in the gallery below). News also for integrated applications such as Maps, Messages and the Safari browser.

For the Cupertino group, the debut of the heir of Catalina is a farewell to OS X. It coincides with the announcement of Apple M1, a system on a chip made internally and intended for Macs, presented in recent days and arriving on the market with the first models as early as next week (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini) . It is the new bet of the bitten apple which, embracing the ARM architecture, focuses everything on optimizing the hardware-software sector in order to offer an advanced experience.

However, not everything went the right way on the day of Big Sur: many have complained of slowdowns during normal use of the computer, even if not intent on updating the operating system. The feedback collected speaks of applications that take several minutes to open, anomalies found with Apple Pay, in the exchange of messages and even on Apple TV devices. Everything seems to be linked to a malfunction of OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol), a component dedicated to managing certificates. The alarm seems to have returned at this time.

Source: Apple

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