Bosch and Here team up to solve the problem of charging anxiety

Bosch and Here team up to solve the problem of charging anxiety
The transition to an electric car inevitably involves changes in the driving style, as it is not possible to recharge at the same speed as a full tank of petrol; this leads to many questions among those who use an electric car for the first time, such as whether they will be able to reach the point of destination without sudden stops and unpleasant inconveniences.

In English it is defined ra nge anxiety, translated in the sense of recharging, and indicates that form of stress and anguish generated by the constant thought of running out of battery; accustomed to our smartphones that often drain the battery sooner than we would like, the owners of electric cars often live with the worry of getting distracted and underestimating the remaining range.

The German company Bosch, having noticed the problem, has partnered with the navigation app Here to combine on-board computers and electronic control units - developed by 2025 with over 3.7 billion investment by the German brand - with the localization technology developed by Here through its data collection ; According to them, the solution is to offer the customer a personalized choice which translates into using the Here functions to propose the choice between fast or economical charging based on the location, having already collected information on each charging point present on the territory, on its price and on its typology.

In the future it will be possible to provide information in real time on the free spaces that will have, they hope, standardized prices allowing the customer to know in advance how many times and where he will have to stop during a certain path; thus refining the calculation, the driver will be able to adapt the stops to his needs and not the other way around, saying goodbye to the anxiety of charging forever.

The American giant Tesla, for example, calculates the various stops needed during navigation through the integrated map system, also giving a preview of the remaining battery in case you choose a different route from the recommended one.

The bet of Bosch and Here is to make the recharging time a moment of relaxation that can be used for leisure time instead of an inevitable task that only creates stress.