Better 12 or 108 Megapixels? It is not obvious!

Better 12 or 108 Megapixels? It is not obvious!
First there was the race for megapixels, then the race for the number of sensors. But what is better to have, many megapixels or many sensors? Few megapixels or few sensors? Is it better to have 12 MP or 108 MP?

Smartphone photography is not a question of megapixels, or rather, it doesn't work that the more the better. Photography on smartphones is a question of the quality of sensors, lenses and functions but also and above all of software.

From the marketing point of view, it's really easy to push more on smartphones with "high numbers" other than the price. The perception - even if it has gradually mitigated - is that a higher number equals better photos from all points of view. Obviously the answer is no! Instead the answer is yes to the equation so many megapixels so many details.

The result is not to be taken for granted, 108 MP does not necessarily make photos better than 12 MP. Indeed, most of the time it is even the opposite. An example can be any current mid-range Android smartphone with a very high resolution against an iPhone even with a few years on its shoulders with a resolution of 12 MP. Even unlike the resolution, in fact, iPhone often wins with precise photographs and above the parts.

In the end, except for very rare cases, almost all smartphones have a CMOS sensor installed that has the right size to be installed on a smartphone but at the same time has obvious limits.

And then there are smartphones with multiple sensors, now it is very easy to find even 4 on smartphones that are all in all cheap. Wide angles, Macro sensors, telephoto lenses, etc, all serve to take a photo from a different perspective and increase the functions available. Generally, the "additional" sensors do not have large quantities of megapixels, they are used to enrich the functions.

So, better 12 or 108 MP? A smartphone could return great photos with a 108MP sensor but also with a 12MP one. To take quality photos, other parameters must be taken into account, such as some of those mentioned at the beginning of the article.

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