Justice League - first pages of Brian M. Bendis' relaunch

Justice League - first pages of Brian M. Bendis' relaunch
Justice League, as previously reported, will be relaunched in March, the month in which the new DC publishing era called Infinite Frontier will start. More precisely, starting with Justice League # 59, Brian M. Bendis will come to the reins of the magazine, after two years at the helm of Superman and Action Comics, accompanied by David Marquez at the pencils.

The arrival of the new team creative also coincides with a renewed line-up for the group that will include Superman, Batman, Hawkgirl, Aquaman, Green Arrow and Black Canary and 3 surprising new members: Hyppolita (Wonder Woman's mother), Black Adam and Naomi, the created character by Bendis himself in 2018 for his Wonder Comics label.

In the late evening of yesterday the first tables of the relaunch in low definition were leaked which confirm what has already been announced by the synopsis of the register or that the first enemy that this The "new" Justice League will face will come straight from Naomi's native dimension. Furthermore, as in the best Bendis tradition, there is also a moment of confrontation with long dialogues between the characters (and an unpublished Flash with a lab coat).

Here are the tables:

Who is Naomi?

Naomi was one of the first characters created in 2018 by Brian M. Bendis, along with David F. Walker and Jamal Campbell, just arrived in DC for the Wonder Comics line. She starred in a 6-issue miniseries and then appeared in Superman and Young Justice.

The series will be re-launched in January in volume by Panini DC Italia.

We remember that for The CW a TV series with the protagonist Naomi and a TV series starring the Brazilian Wonder Girl Yara Flor are being developed together with Ava DuVernay.

DC's Infinite Frontier series already announced

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