Close and connected, there is also Facebook

Close and connected, there is also Facebook
Facebook also adheres to the "Close and connected" initiative that the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization, Paola Pisano, has launched in support of SMEs, small local businesses and traders. This is a digital solidarity project with which it is possible to reach out to small businesses to offer resources with which to relaunch in the post-pandemic.

Facebook, Vicini e Connessi

More or less useful, more or less important, these are aids that every entrepreneur has the freedom to evaluate in order to draw on them. Facebook for its part provides a free digital diagnosis tool to measure the way your brand is "online", a "holiday guide" with tips and strategies for promoting products, as well as some training Open Days.

The pandemic has subverted the dynamics of consumption, necessitating a strong acceleration on the digital front by local businesses, small neighborhood businesses and artisan shops which, through this initiative, will have innovative and free tools available to safeguard and increase the size of its business.

Facebook also adds #piccolegrandimprese to Binario F. to all this, including the tried and tested training system already in place in the group of initiatives for SMEs.

Businesses of all sizes are facing major challenges due to the Covid-19 emergency, and finding ways to support them is essential for the well-being of entrepreneurs, communities and the economy as a whole: a commitment that has long seen us at the forefront. We therefore participate with great enthusiasm in the 'Close and connected' project, which gives us the opportunity to contribute to accelerating the digitization of small Italian entrepreneurial realities at a time when knowing how to exploit the opportunities offered by digital becomes even more urgent than in the past

Luca Colombo, Country Director Facebook Italy

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