Devotion returns to GOG after two years of Chinese censorship

Devotion returns to GOG after two years of Chinese censorship
Red Candle Games has announced that Devotion will finally be back in stock. From December 18, 2020 it will be available for purchase on GOG, almost two years after the Chinese censorship due to a dispute over a content of the game.

The price of Devotion will remain € 13.99, like the Steam version. Nothing is known about the latter yet. It is not even clear if it will ever return (it is still downloadable by the lucky ones who bought it then).

Red Candle Games also wanted to thank all those who have continued to support the game over all these months, making their voices heard.

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If you want more information, read our review of Devotion, written at the time of the first launch, in which we wrote:

With Devotion, Red Candle has shown that it is capable of handling important themes, without giving up a strong vision and the desire to experiment with new narrative solutions, against a production that is certainly not a millionaire. Short and intense, Devotion is a dramatic horror story that involves and disturbs from beginning to end, making us go all the way towards the madness of the protagonist with a reconstruction that is as surreal as it is merciless and lucid. Obviously if you are looking for an investment of time or a more traditional horror, forget it, because Devotion ends in about three hours and the horror is only an excuse to stage its story which, despite being perfectly immersed in reality Taiwanese, it has implications that we do not hesitate to define as universal.