Justice League - Brian M. Bendis is the new writer, closes Justice League Dark

Justice League - Brian M. Bendis is the new writer, closes Justice League Dark
With the formalization of the releases scheduled for March in the United States which took place late yesterday afternoon, the new DC universe begins to take shape more clearly, giving way to the new era renamed Infinite Frontier. One of the most important changes, which we had already reported to you awaiting confirmation, is undoubtedly that linked to Justice League which will enjoy a new important creative team composed of Brian M. Bendis to the texts and David Marquez to the pencils.

The new Justice League

Brian M. Bendis will officially take over the reins of Justice League starting from # 59, scheduled for March in American comics, accompanied by the excellent David Marquez to the drawings. What lies ahead is a real relaunch for the main DC group with a radical change in the lineup.

The new Justice League will in fact be composed of: Superman, Batman, Hawkgirl, Aquaman, Green Arrow and Black Canary. Surprising however are the 3 new members Hyppolita (Wonder Woman's mother), Black Adam and Naomi, the character created by Bendis in 2018 for his Wonder Comics label.

From what transpires from the synopsis, a lot generic of the register, it will be a threat coming from the original size of Naomi to be the first enemy of the renewed Justice League!

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Justice League Dark, canceled

The announcement of the new course of Justice League, however, also brings with it less positive news but in line with the reorganization of the publishing house's editorial proposal.

Justice League Dark, one of the best series currently on the shelves by DC, will close or rather will close as a series in its own right, finding its place in the appendix to the new Justice League written by the excellent Ram V, author who is growing exponentially, and illustrated by the Brazilian Xermanico recently seen at work on Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Zatanna and John Constantine set off on a journey discovering that an ally, and sometimes an enemy, has risen from the flames. While one legend has been destroyed, another has horribly changed as Merlin sets in motion a plan that could destroy humanity.

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