Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: the first nude mod for Tifa is available

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: the first nude mod for Tifa is available

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

Almost two months after the launch of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade on PC, the first nude mod has arrived, inevitably dedicated to Tifa. Actually it's not the first ever, but the previous ones, all very recent, are horrendous, so it's best to avoid them. We don't think there is a need to explain that by installing this mod Tifa will start walking around Midgar in Adamic clothing.

Tifa's nude mod was inevitable In reality, the mod, which is called Thiccfa V2 Hi-poly With See-through Dress and was made by modder azurebr, also includes a dress, which however can be removed at the must. In technical terms it is a replacement from the purple dress, but more complex than other similar mods because the author has also changed the character mesh, in particular to enlarge the breasts, as well as add new textures.

In the past it had emerged that making nude mods for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is not at all easy. In fact, a lot of effort to undress a virtual character makes you think. Being a fairly explicit mod, we cannot provide you with the direct link to download it. Anyway, if you go to NexuxMods, turn off the mature content filters and search for "Thiccfa V2 Hi-poly With See-through Dress", you shouldn't have a problem finding it.

Installing it is not difficult, but you will have to modify a few game files. Do this by following the instructions provided by the modder and only if you know what you are doing, so that you can retrace your steps as needed.

Have you noticed any errors?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 Will Be Revealed Later This Year

Few details have been revealed about Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 so far, other than last year’s confirmation that FF7 Remake Part 1 co-director Naoki Hamaguchi will take over full directing duties for the sequel, while Tetsuya Nomura will take over the broader creative director position. Nomura also said that Part 2 will make more use of the PlayStation 5 as a unique hardware feature than last year’s Intergrade re-release. While the PS5 version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrades has a bunch of quality features you’d expect from the current update, such as higher frame rates and better image quality, Nomura confirmed we’ll have to wait for the remastered Part 2 to take full advantage of the PS5 hardware.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2

Credit @ Square Enix

Given the schedule, it’s unlikely that any news about Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 will arrive before Intergrades’ release, so fans are seeing at least a month of silence on the sequel. While the release windows for Final Fantasy Origins and XVI have been announced, we’ll likely have more information on when Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 will be revealed later this year. There aren’t many details about Final Fantasy Remake Part 2 at the moment.

However, if things change, and if Square Enix exceeds expectations and provides feedback, we’ll be sure to update the story accordingly. Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda confirmed in February 2020 that the slight delay in the release of the FF7 Remake will not affect the release date of the next installment. FF7 Remake Part 2 won’t be released until 2022 or later, but Square Enix hasn’t provided any official updates on the matter, only vaguely promising that development is going well. The FF7 Remake sequel has been in development for two years, so a fixed release date is unlikely to be announced during the Livestream.

During Monday’s anniversary Livestream, Yoshinori Kitase, director of the original Final Fantasy 7, said the company is even planning to reveal Final Fantasy Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 towards the end of the year. During Square Enix’s recent live stream where the new trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade was released, Tetsuya Nomura was able to talk a bit about the second part of the remake. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 is on many fan wishlists at E3, which happens just a few days after the release of Intergrade. Right now, Final Fantasy 16 is expected to release this year unless there is a delay.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2

Square Enix

Fans know the game exists, and Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the first game, said development is going well and an announcement will be made in due course. Currently, there is no official release date for the game itself, although it is believed to be in late 2022 or early 2023. However, we don’t expect the second part to wait another five years, as Square Enix has now laid the groundwork for the game.

If Final Fantasy 7 Remake is anything like the first one, then we’re waiting about two years for Part 2, which means we might not see it until this year at the earliest. It would be logical if the next major part of Remake came out after all, which is why we’re probably looking at a late 2022 or early 2023 release of FF7 Remake Part 2. We can expect news about part 2 in the middle of the year. Until Part 2 is announced, there will be no drought for a single year; it seems an announcement is imminent at this point.

Although billed as a remake, the game has many changes from the original, such as Barrett being attacked by his rival Sephiroth and saved by a whisper. FF7 Remake Part 1 and Intergrade greatly expand on the original by adding elements from other games, such as Cerberus’ Elegy, by introducing new characters and improving the characters of the secondary characters. Fans have already received the Intergrade DLC to help bridge the gap between Yuffie and Remake and the PS5 Part 1 update introduced. Therefore, after the developers have finished working on this game, they can turn their attention to the remake of part 2. So, naturally, fans wondered when the next part of the remake would appear, well we’re not sure.