Immune: the third wave as a stress test

Immune: the third wave as a stress test
The first wave was a nasty surprise; the second wave was a little surprising surprise; the third wave will be an extremely painful surprise as it is largely predictable, but against which we will throw all the enthusiasm of the upcoming holidays. In all this is inserted a tool about which a lot has been said, but that too little (through fault or willful misconduct, but it is now useless to return to the subject): it is Immuni, the app for tracking contagions that potentially could have done a lot to isolate people at risk and limit the progress of the pandemic.

Third wave as a stress test

Let's give Immuni a new chance (the last one) ? As stressed several times, it is now useless to go back to a theme that immediately polarized public opinion and, day after day, perched on opinions on divergent and now irreconcilable poles. What remains to be asked, for those who have kept a credit of trust towards Immuni, is whether there is room to make a last attempt before the pandemic parenthesis (as we all hope) runs out. It is valid as a laboratory, if nothing else: to try to understand if Immuni's logic can work, if it can become a usable tool, where it should be corrected.

We are not only saying this: Confindustria Digitale has also raised the same doubt. that - just when many write the epitaph to Immuni - proposes to relaunch to try to solve the system flaws and understand if we can get something more out of it than what has been achieved to date.

Consider it as a stress test: those who still want to participate download the app; those who have already installed it check that they have it active; try to turn the horror of a third wave into a brick to understand if contact tracing apps can have a future in the fight against pandemics. Moreover, an important novelty has been active for a few hours, namely the call center: a push to the system for reporting positivity through the ASLs (almost completely unsuccessful) and an attempt to relaunch in view of Immuni's last real chance to earn minimum credit in the category of this pandemic.

In a few months, also on the basis of the data collected in this last phase, it will be possible to pull the strings of the discourse and understand (beyond merits and demerits) whether we may have useful tools in the future. To build, instead of throwing the pieces under the carpet.