A Tesla with a V8 engine? It can be done!

A Tesla with a V8 engine? It can be done!
Some days you really need a somewhat strange project, bordering on the senseless: this is what Rich Benoit, the Youtuber known as Rich Rebuilds, must have said to himself, specialized in rescuing Tesla cars that have suffered accidents or particular mistreatment .

Rich is a car enthusiast, no matter the type of fuel: petrol, diesel, electricity, Rich likes them all, and you can also tell from the great variety of cars he deals with in his videos. In recent years, Rich has made a name for himself by saving Tesla in terrible conditions, despite the fact that relations with the parent company have cooled down in the last period: Tesla refuses to sell spare parts to individuals or unauthorized workshops, and you can imagine how this aspect complicates life a lot for everyone who works on Tesla, especially Rich.

This hatred probably played a role in the choice of the latest project chosen by Rich: to install a V8 engine from 426 horsepower and a 6-speed manual gearbox from a Camaro LS3 on a Tesla. A crazy project, which will require an incredible amount of changes to the structure of the car, which obviously was designed only for an electric power supply. If anyone can do such a job, it's Rich, but the project still hides many pitfalls.

Obviously you won't start with a single Tesla in good condition, but Rich will use 3 different cars - all in very bad condition - from which he will take the pieces necessary to complete the project: it will be necessary to create a tunnel for the transmission, which on the Tesla is completely missing, and it will be necessary to install customized axles to correctly accommodate all the modifications.

For the moment we are still in the embryonic stages of the project, and we remain very curious to find out if Rich will be able to complete it, and above all to drive his new Tesla on American roads, generating dismay in all those who will hear the roar of a V8 coming from one of the most iconic electric cars in the world.

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