Cashback and Extra Cashback of Christmas: what changes?

Cashback and Extra Cashback of Christmas: what changes?
What is the difference between the State Cashback and the Christmas Extra Cashback? A question that is being asked by many of those in recent days struggling with the IO application and enrollment in the initiative. The answer is simple: nothing, if not the duration, the number of transactions required to accrue the bonus and access to the special refund. To answer is the FAQ section of the official website: "The conditions and methods of participation remain the same as they are also valid for the other periods".

The difference between Cashback and Extra Cashback for Christmas

What has been called Christmas Extra Cashback is the first part of the initiative, the experimental phase active until December 31st. From 1 January 2021, the first half of the Cashback will be entered (three are planned, until mid 2022). These are the other two differences that characterize the launch of the program in this last part of 2020:

the minimum number of transactions to be made in the period to obtain a refund is 10 instead of 50; there is no special Super Cashback reimbursement of 1,500 euros for the first 100,000 citizens who make more transactions during the period. In any case, the refund reaches up to 150 euros, a figure that for the Christmas Extra Cashback will be credited to the citizen's current account (at the indicated IBAN) by the end of February 2021.

Yes, the refund maximum in all periods is equal to 150 euros. The amount of Cashback will be given by the sum of the refunds on individual transactions valid for the purposes of the program, which are equal to 10% of the amount for transactions up to 150 euros, or equal to 15 euros for transactions equal to or greater than 150 euros.

Source: IO
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