Zelda Ocarina of Time, a demo reveals new background: Link could turn into Navi

Zelda Ocarina of Time, a demo reveals new background: Link could turn into Navi
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time still remains one of the most popular exponents of the Nintendo saga, and thanks to an old demo recently unearthed by dataminers we can now learn something more about the historic title originally published in 1998 on N64. br>
The discoveries we know today have been shared by the Twitter account "Forest of Illusion", which is responsible for preserving everything that is part of the history of Nintendo. According to reports, by analyzing the files contained within a development cartridge of the famous racing game F-Zero, unexpected references to Ocarina of Time were found, which revealed the prototypes of the game scenarios and some ideas then discarded by the developers in the final product.

Among the most interesting details, we learn that in the original plans Link could have used some magical medallions that would have allowed our protagonist to throw lightning bolts at enemies, to hide or to teleport when attacked, or to extinguish fires. The Soul Medallion, in particular, could even have made Link transform into Navi, the fairy that guides us during our adventures.

We also discover that the world map was initially very different from how we have been used to knowing it, and we can also take a look at the prototype of the Kakariko village and the scenario that forms the background of the archery test during which it is possible to ride Epona: find all the images at the end of the news.

Finally, also the plot was originally thought differently, and it is specified that the Deku Tree was imagined as a prison for the fairies of the game, within which Navi would also end up: it would then be our task to be able to save and free her.

An interesting retrospective on Ocarina of Time, while the most hopeful fans continue to hopefully await the arrival of a possible Remaster or a sequel. What is certain is that Nintendo is currently very busy finishing work on the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, according to some leaks coming in 2021.