DOOM 3: Thanks to a fan it is possible to play it on Oculus Quest

DOOM 3: Thanks to a fan it is possible to play it on Oculus Quest
Of all the chapters of the DOOM saga, the third iteration dated 2004 is definitely the one that has received the most criticism from fans of the first hour. The purely horror drift, and a decidedly less frenetic pace than the classic chapters, did not allow DOOM 3 to stand out among the great progenitors of the FPS genre. Despite this, the third DOOM is still a game appreciated by many players, so much so that over time it has managed to build a more than solid fanbase.

And it is precisely one of these enthusiasts who is the protagonist of what has been successful. recent: thanks to a fan it is now possible to play DOOM 3 in VR. The 2004 title is the protagonist of a port for Oculus Quest 1 and 2 made by modder DrBeef. With this addition, fans of this particular chapter of the FPS saga can get even deeper into the claustrophobic demon-infested Martian corridor.

Doom 3 Quest: Pre-Release Trailer from OculusQuest

The fan created port is called Doom3Quest and includes over 12 hours of campaign content, along with revised and updated graphics. In addition to this, the weapons have been completely tracked to allow for interaction by the players. At the moment it is only possible to play the single-player campaign, but the modder has already stated that he is interested in implementing multiplayer in this version of DOOM 3 for VR.

If this fan-made project has aroused the your curiosity, you can get much more information and download this port directly from the official DOOM3Quest website. Obviously we recommend that you own an Oculus Quest 1 or 2. What do you think of the work carried out by this guy? Will you try to immerse yourself in the horrifying world of DOOM 3 even in virtual reality? Let us know with a comment in the section below.

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