Tucows stops downloads: 1993-2021

Tucows stops downloads: 1993-2021
Those who have more than a few spring behind them in all probability over the years have come across Tucows Downloads, a site that has over time become one of the most valid and updated resources for searching and downloading software on your computer. One of the most well-known portals in its field and with the richest catalog whose closure is announced today.

We have made the difficult decision to close the Tucows Downloads site. We are happy to announce that much of the software and other library assets have been transferred to our friends at the Internet Archive, for posterity.

Tucows Downloads, an Internet that no longer exists

This was announced by the Group's CEO, Elliot Noss. The project began in 1993 in the form of a BBS, evolving to become a point of reference in the early years of the new millennium. Its popularity then gradually waned also as a result of the advent of official stores integrated directly into operating systems, both desktop and mobile. In 2016 the decision to remove all forms of advertising so as to make it a sort of public service, kept online without any profit. Today the announcement of the final retirement.

Below is a screenshot of the online version in 2006, taken from the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive which houses a part of its library.

Although the Downloads site is what made Tucows (we read "two cows") famous all over the world, today the group's activity is concentrated on many other activities: it operates in the United States as a registrar and manages Ting, an ISP engaged in the connectivity market.

By the way, if you are looking for a catalog of software to download you can take a look at the dedicated section of Punto Informatico.

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