The Medium: Are the PC requirements very high? Bloober Team explains why

The Medium: Are the PC requirements very high? Bloober Team explains why
A few days after its launch, The Medium developers explain to us why paranormal horror requires particularly high requirements on PC, a platform on which you will need an RTX 3080 to be able to play in 4K / 30fps.

If you are already aware of the characteristics of the project, you are already imagining the reason why the PC edition has proved to be so demanding in terms of hardware configuration: The Medium, in different moments of the adventure, renders two screens simultaneously separate scenes, since the protagonist Marienne is able to get in touch with the world of the dead. Lead Designer Wojciech Piejko says below:

"You know, we're rendering two worlds at once, and if gamers want to do it with HDR and Ray Tracing, you need really powerful hardware. We don't want to post the requirements on Internet and saying "yes, it will work great on your card", only to be untrue. Our game is between two worlds, sometimes you are in one, sometimes in two at the same time. If you start the game and at the beginning you have only one world, and then you come to a two world situation where the game renders two of them, you know you will have frame-rate drops and obviously this is not good. We have to indicate the specs for the most demanding situation in terms of power. and that's why the requirements are high ".

The Medium will be available from January 28 on Windows PC and Xbox Series X | S as a console exclusive (it will be included on day one on the Game Pass). Some gamers are wondering if the title will ever arrive on PS5, especially after the PlayStation symbols have popped up on the Xbox controller box dedicated to the game.

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