Star Wars: announced the new Ubisoft game and Lucasfilm Games

Star Wars: announced the new Ubisoft game and Lucasfilm Games
After the return of Lucasfilm Games was announced a couple of days ago, and after the unexpected announcement of the new Indiana Jones game, a new title set in the boundless universe of Star Wars could not miss the appeal. Lucasfilm Games returns after a few hours to make another announcement, this time with the help of one of the largest European companies in the industry: Ubisoft.

As with Indiana Jones, there aren't too many details about the new Star Wars game, even if the companies have revealed just a little more information. This title, in fact, will be an open world, with the development that will be entrusted to the guys of Massive Entertainment, already authors of the two chapters of The Division. The state of the works is still in its infancy, so it will still take some time before we can get more concrete news about the game.

As far as we know at the moment, the guys from Massive are still in a recruiting phase to create a team and then definitively start development. However, we are aware of some key figures who will work on the new Star Wars title. Julian Gerighty, director of The Division 2 and The Crew, will be the creative director of the game and the title will use the Massive Snowdrop engine.

Beyond that, Lucasfilm Games hasn't wanted to reveal anything about the characters or what time frame of the Star Wars universe the game will position itself. The only thing to do at the moment is to wait for more juicy information, but we can already be sure of one thing: Lucasfilm Games is reborn and plans to go back to doing and offering great things for all video game lovers. What do you think of this new Star Wars themed announcement?

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