The return of a myth: Honda working on a new S2000?

The return of a myth: Honda working on a new S2000?
To the delight of all fans of small 2-seater sports cars, Honda let it slip that it is working on a new version of the beloved Honda S2000. Born in 1999 and discontinued in 2009 after several appearances also in car movies and video games, the Honda S2000 has always been highly appreciated for its excellent geometries - which translated into road holding and above-average handling - and the 2.0 engine. very cheerful and handsome.

More than 10 years later, it seems that Honda wants to revive the S2000 in a more modern guise, despite the market trends going in a completely different direction. Already in January, on the occasion of the Tokyo Auto Salon, Honda unveiled a celebratory version of the S2000, to tease the spirits of fans and keep the attention high.

Unfortunately we do not know if the difficulties linked to the events of 2020 have affected on Honda's work, but some information has already leaked: it seems that the proportions and shape of the body will remain very similar to those of the original model, however, integrating new headlights - thinner and brighter - and significantly increasing the use of precious materials as aluminum and carbon to bring the weight of the car below 1400 kg.

There has been talk, or rather rumored, also of motorization: compared to the original aspirated 4-cylinder engine of 250 horsepower, the new model Honda S2000 should undergo a decent upgrade. In fact, some rumors claim that the engine used will be the 2.0-liter turbo currently used on the Civic Type R, capable of delivering 320 horsepower. Obviously, the engine will have to be remodeled a little since the S2000 will have to have rear-wheel drive, and it cannot be ruled out that Honda decides to further upgrade the engine to reach 350 horsepower. We also imagine that the manufacturer will also use the same 6-speed manual gearbox as the Civic Type R.

Although some rumors suggest the arrival of a fully thermal engine, it cannot be excluded that the Japanese giant will take a different, greener path, thus avoiding the heavy sanctions imposed by the European community. A purely electric variant may not reach the same level of appreciation as the historic model that has thrilled thousands of people; among the solutions there is the possibility that the brand decides to limit the production of volumes and to insert a small electric motor, thus transforming the car into a hybrid solution.

Some sources in the sector indicate 2024 as a possible period release for the Honda S2000: we just have to wait.

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