Samsung Bar Plus: USB Flash Drive on offer at -34%

Samsung Bar Plus: USB Flash Drive on offer at -34%
Practically a small hard disk to always carry with you in your pocket, resistant and reliable: today the 64 GB Flash Drive of the Samsung Bar Plus line is offered on Amazon with a 34% discount on the list price. A real opportunity.

Samsung's 64GB Flash Drive at a discount

With data transfer speeds of up to 300MB / s, it equals the performance of an SSD. At this moment it is possible to find the device on sale both in the Titan Gray color (as in the opening image) and in the Champagne Silver color (visible below), because the eye also wants its part.

As robust as it is elegant. With a solid metal body it keeps your data safe and unaltered, while the integrated keychain prevents it from being misplaced or lost. Samsung UFD BAR Plus is the perfect combination of design and durability.

Samsung Bar Plus fully supports USB 3.1 standard, but can also connect to computers and devices with fixed slots at previous versions of technology. All this today at the price of 17.99 euros instead of 27.29 euros as per the price list.

Source: Amazon