Project Fair Shot: the virtual queue for the vaccine

Project Fair Shot: the virtual queue for the vaccine
The vaccine administration campaign for COVID-19 has been underway for a few weeks now and, aside from logistical problems, is finally coming to life almost a year after the start of the pandemic. One of the problems faced by those working on this front is related to the management of the queue of those who are waiting. A possible solution is the one proposed today by Cloudflare and is called Project Fair Shot.

Cloudflare launches the Project Fair Shot

A sort of virtual waiting room based on the already existing Waiting Room offered by the group for other purposes, adapted to meet the specific needs of the moment. Thus the company presents the initiative on the pages of the official website.

Watching the world struggle to distribute vaccines for COVID-19 in a fair and efficient way, we want to help with our experience and our technologies. Through Project Fair Shot we offer a Waiting Room free of charge to any government agency, hospital, pharmacy or other organization at least until July 1, 2021 so as to simplify distribution until anyone who wishes to be vaccinated can do so.

Through the instrument the bodies in charge of the administration are able to manage the queue efficiently, keeping citizens constantly and autonomously updated on their position and expected waiting time. The realities interested in using it have to fill in the form on the official website (link at the end of the article).

Source: Cloudflare, Project Fair Shot