Batman really exists and is called JT

Batman really exists and is called JT
What can happen when passion meets the skill necessary to bring to life what was only imagined in a comic, film or video game? Everything, literally everything: even for someone to build Batman's fully functional Grappling Gun. To better understand what it is, just take a look at the video below.

Batman's homemade Grappling Gun

It is the harpoon used by the Batman ( and other protagonists of fantasy sagas) to move quickly from one point to another in Gotham City, climbing buildings in seconds and dodging the traps set by Joker, Penguin and Bruce Wayne's other antagonists. JD of the Built IRL channel on YouTube makes it.

No wonder: it's the same guy who just a few months ago built a prototype of the web shooter supplied with Spider -Man, transforming himself into Spider-Man.

Yet another demonstration of how sometimes imagination and science fiction anticipate science, often inspiring it. It happened over half a century ago with devices very similar to tablets inserted by Stanley Kubrick in the 2001 masterpiece: A Space Odyssey, as seen in the many films and sci-fi novels that several decades ago imagined the consequences of an out of control development. of artificial intelligence, now it's up to the gadgets supplied to superheroes.

Source: Built IRL on YouTube