PlayStation crisis in Japan, Sony is snubbing the local market according to an analyst

PlayStation crisis in Japan, Sony is snubbing the local market according to an analyst
Some analysts agree that the PlayStation brand has lost its charm in the eyes of Japanese players, among the reasons there could also be the new rules related to censorship implemented by Sony since 2018, as well as a more communicative strategy of the house. oriented to the international audience.

ACE's Hideki Yasuda expressed his opinion to the microphones of GamesIndustry Japan, reiterating how Sony has in fact done nothing to conquer the Japanese public in recent times.

"Sony is not taking the Japanese market seriously, even if Jim Ryan says otherwise, the facts show that the company does not care about the local market", these are the words of Yasuda, who then presents practical examples.

It starts with the launch of PS4, which took place a few months late in Japan, and continues with the new rules on the representation of nudes and other explicit content that came into force in 2018, a move that effectively cut the legs of many games produced for Japanese audiences.

The PlayStation 5 presentation trailers were clearly geared towards the global market and did not show any content suited to the tastes of Asian gamers. the translations and subtitles were often wrong, a symptom (says the analyst) of little care for marketing for the Japanese market. The change of the confirmation button from O to X with the DualSense and the PS5 stock problems is also mentioned, with Sony that would be favoring the Western market in supplies, as also reported by the Nikkei Asia journalists.

Yasuda concludes his analysis by stating that Japan now represents only 10% of the videogame market and therefore Sony may have decided to snub this territory to move towards more profitable markets. The company's tailor-made proposals for the Japanese public are reduced to a minimum and the absence of a Sony portable console on the market could contribute to the loss of popularity of the PlayStation brand in the land of the Rising Sun.