Demon's Souls for PlayStation 5: how to get the Ceramic Coins

Demon's Souls for PlayStation 5: how to get the Ceramic Coins
Although the new title of Bluepoint Games has only been in the hands of fans for just over a week, the Demon's Souls community has already discovered several hidden secrets, among which the most intriguing is certainly the one related to Ceramic Coins.

Introduced into the remake in a completely new way compared to the original game, these strange consumable items are able to restore your health points, just like the numerous herbs present canonically in the game, but can only be found by following a particular procedure. First of all, you will have to accumulate the beauty of 25,000 souls and then donate them to the statue of the Nexus: doing this will allow you to unlock the Fractured mode, a special visual filter that works as a sort of mirror mode, within which even the your input to the character will be distorted (for example, the right hand will become the left). Next, you need to bring your character's tendency to an all-white or all-black level, as you choose.

Once these preliminary steps have been carried out, you can find the ceramic coins inside the worlds that make up Boletaria, usually in well-hidden places or under some chests, which can be broken by rolling over them or by hitting them with a attack of any kind. To find them, be sure to carefully explore every nook and cranny of each level of the game, so as not to risk leaving a few behind: accumulating a total of 26 ceramic coins, in fact, you can join those who have solved the mystery of the closed door behind the invisible wall , and get the special Penetrator armor. To do so, you will have to exchange the 26 ceramic coins collected with the raven Sparkly, the merchant of the Shrine of the Storm, who will give you a Rusty Key in exchange, which will open the mysterious door.

Unlike what happens with other objects in the game, the ceramic coins cannot be duplicated through the trick of dropping an object from your inventory for another player in multiplayer mode: if you try to do so, in fact, the coin will break, and you can collect it again as a broken coin, then used for its healing properties, but you will no longer be able to exchange it for the Sparkly crow.

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