Nintendo Switch PRO will be less powerful than expected: 4K only in upscaling?

Nintendo Switch PRO will be less powerful than expected: 4K only in upscaling?
According to dataminer Mike Heskin, Nintendo Switch PRO could represent a more modest upgrade than expected. Heskin discovered interesting details about a new hardware by analyzing the source code of the most recent Switch software update, let's analyze them together.

Nintendo Switch PRO is known by the code name Aula (Hoag was instead the code name of Nintendo Switch Lite) while the design is identified with the code nx-abcd (nx-abcc was instead the codename of the Switch Lite form factor), this new model therefore seems to really exist but will probably be less impressive than expected from a technical point of view. .

According to what has been discovered, Switch PRO will mount an OLED / MiniOLED display produced by a new supplier, in addition there is talk of the presence of a Realtek chip (it is assumed RTD2173 or in any case a component of the same family) and a Mariko SoC / T214 / T210B01 / TegraX1 +, therefore only an evolution compared to the console already on the market and not a real upheaval. The DRAM module, on the other hand, will always boast 4 GB (4GB LPDDR4X) but a new component with a 10-nanometer production process will be adopted.

Overall, therefore, the console should be able to guarantee upscaling in 4K thanks to the new dock enhanced but will not support native 4K. In any case for the moment it is only speculation based on the work of the dataminers even if Mike Heskin has proved to be quite reliable in the past.

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