Lordstown Endurance is another competitor in the electric pickup market

Lordstown Endurance is another competitor in the electric pickup market
Lordstown Motors is an American company, founded by Steve Burns, who recently bought a General Motors factory in order to reconfigure it for the production of electric vehicles, the first of which will be the Endurance electric pickup.

Lordstown Endurance is an electric pick-up that stands out from the competition thanks to the use of 4 electric motors installed in the wheels, and will at least initially offer a range of around 400 kilometers. Currently, series production is scheduled to start in September 2021, as the company is currently focusing on restructuring its Ohio factory so it is ready to produce electric vehicles with the best quality standards.

The price of the Lordstown Endurance starts at $ 52,000, a significantly lower figure than competing products, despite the technical equipment being very respectable. The pick-up in fact offers various features typical of the most modern cars, such as the various ADAS safety systems, the ability to update the car's software through OTA updates, level 3 direct current charging system - which allows you to carry the car battery to 95% charged in just an hour and a half, all condensed into a car with a functional and very modern interior, with an impressive dashboard display showing all the necessary information.

There is little technical information on the engines used, but we know that the overall power should be around 600 horsepower, with the maximum speed limited to 130 km / via software.

In November, Lordstown announced that it had collected a whopping 50,000 pre-orders for its electric pickup, and today that number has risen to a whopping 100,000 pre-orders. The conditions for doing well are all there, and founder Steve Burns is strongly convinced that he will be able to release his vehicles on the market before the competition.