James Bond: No Time to Die - Release probably postponed again

James Bond: No Time to Die - Release probably postponed again
It has been clear for some time that there will be some changes in the release calendar of the major film studios in 2021. How exactly these changes will look, however, and whether some films will still have a theatrical release at all or will instead rely on a streaming solution, however, is not.

With James Bond 007: No time to die, its release in Germany is currently planned for March 31, 2021, the alternative of selling the title to a platform such as Netflix, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime Video was also considered. However, since Studio MGM demanded a sum of over 600 million US dollars for the exclusive streaming rights and no provider was willing to pay this amount, the idea was rejected again.

So he should definitely come to the cinema , the new Bond. A start at Easter is more than unlikely due to the current situation. As Deadline reports, two different sources are now speaking of a postponement of the start date to autumn 2021. The Dutch cinema operator Carlo Lambregts spoke in the regional newspaper BN DeStem of an expected release in November 2021. In addition, MGM's advertising partners are expected to postpone the film in autumn have been pointed out.


James Bond 007: No Time to Die - The new trailer before the cinema release is here loadVideoPlayer ('83225', '& sAdSetCsategory = artikel_featured', 12, '16: 9 ', false, 1365015, false, 267389 , 260, false, 0, '', '', false); The 25th Bond film, in which Daniel Craig will appear in the title role for the last time, was originally announced for November 2019, and since then it has continued to grow, first because of problems behind the scenes and then because of the corona pandemic moved backwards. A circumstance that brings MGM heavy monetary losses, as the interest on borrowed production money has to be paid back while the film is just lying around and bringing nothing. The immense marketing costs are also likely to tear a hole in the studio's money store.

Although the date in autumn has not yet been officially confirmed, we can expect a new theatrical release to be announced soon.

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